Lolita Moore Releases Album ‘Loved’

Lolita Moore releases her album, Loved, at a time when positivity might be all you need to survive. Lolita uses her positive vibe and outgoing energy to appeal to the masses through the influence of indie-pop music. Not only does she want to bring everyone together, but also find a path of solidarity with them. With her songs, she seems to range from the negatives to the positives of this change.

Beginning with ‘Loved’, Lolita Moore infuses the proceedings with her own unique sound. “One act of kindness is all it takes, to help a fellowman feel good enough to make it through another day,” sings Lolita, in a song that explicitly tells us that everybody wants to be loved. Harmonies of the church choir tie together vocals, effects, and harmonica in the song. 

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