[New Single]: Min. Helen Michael – Abba Father

Min. Helen Michael is a minister of the gospel in songs with the mandate to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth by proclaiming the power of God through music.

The song Abba Father is inspired by the Holy Spirit as a reminder to all that God alone is our Father and that through Jesus Christ we have all received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry to him as our father if only we would give Him the permission to father us

Produced by Lordnazy

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Lyrics:  Abba Father – Min. Helen Michael
Verse 1

All that the lord has done,
is very very good,
All the work of His hands,
is very very very good
and I have seen the lord goodness
His mercies and compassion,
i have seen the lord goodness
His mercies and compassion (sung in tongues)
You……… are good
You….are so good

Verse 2

Father father 2*
Father me forever lord
Anna father Abba father
Father me forever lord
I desire nothing else lord but to worship you
Yes I desire nothing nothing else but to sing your praises lord
Abba father Hallowed be your name lord
Abba father all glory be your name
Abba father(sung in tongue)
Rabbi Rabbi yes you are my master my saviour
Holy Spirit Holy teacher (sung in tongue)

Chorus 1

Father me forever lord 2*
Father me o Lord father me father me forever lord
Teach me forever lord
Lead me forever lord, guide me, secure me d

Chorus 2

Father me forevermore 2*
Father me o Lord father me
Father me forevermore
More of your fire more of your glory, more about
Jesus, more of power,more of your spirit
more of you lord more of you
That is what I want

Chorus 2

Be unto me an everlasting salvation
Be unto me an everlasting light (sung in tongue)
Be unto me an everlasting covenant
Be unto me an everlasting rock (sung in tongue)
Be unto me an everlasting song

Be unto me an everlasting joy overflow (sung in tongue)
Thank you lord 6*
Father thank you 2*
Thank you for keeping me alive lord
Thank you for your saving grace
Thank you for patiently and persistently searching for me

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