[New Single]: Efua B – Only Jesus

After Kingdom Come’, ‘Desire and her cover of Yahweh, Efua B’s  4th release is a up-beat, energetic and passion-filled song featuring Michael Oyo‘Only Jesus’ is a declarative song, acknowledging the work of the Holy Spirit who has revealed Jesus to us. This song is one to be added to your praise and worship playlists.

Jesus is alive in us and has been revealed in His fullness. Efua came into a personal understanding of His fullness in her, and scripture revealed she should remind herself of this truth, enlightening the eyes of her understanding (Ephesians 1:18). Efua then wrote ‘Only Jesus’ as a response to this revelation.

To the listeners, Efua says: “Jesus lives in all of us, so we are called to live like Him and love like Him. This is the call for all of us as followers of Jesus.”

Efua’s pure tone resounds through ’Only Jesus’, a mid-tempo, captivating song guaranteed to have all listeners bopping as they take in the truth of the Holy Spirit in them.

As well as producing the song, Michael Oyo also features on ‘Only Jesus’, which Efua referenced as ‘an honour.’ Whilst in production, Michael ad-libbed over the song, and Efua says she instantly knew she wanted him on the track, an ‘incredible artist and producer who always brings visions to life.’

The single which was written by Efua Owusu-Boakye and produced by Michael Oyo is out now on all music stores and streaming platforms.

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